The Echo AK-47 Trigger by Fostech is a highly advanced drop-in trigger that provides a binary firing option for AK-47 Platform rifles and pistols. The AK-47 Echo is designed as a dual function trigger that when set to Echo mode, allows the shooter to fire a round on both the pull and the release of the trigger. 

The 3 position selector plate that installs as part of the Echo trigger system allows the shooter to choose between Safe, Semi-Auto, and Echo ( fire on pull and release ) firing options. The Echo mode option provides a greatly reduced gap time between rounds resulting in tighter follow-up shot placement. It is also a ton of fun. 

The Echo Sport Trigger allows the shooter to select from 3 different settings:

  • Safe Mode: Will not fire.
  • Semi-Automatic Mode: Fires when the trigger is pulled.
  • Echo Mode: Fires when the trigger is pulled and also when the trigger is released.

The Echo Sport trigger is designed with safety being the utmost priority. When the shooter is in the Echo Mode and depresses the trigger firing one round, the shooter can move the paddle to the semi position while firmly holding the trigger rearward and a second-round will not fire upon release.

The AK-47 version of the Echo trigger has been highly anticipated and now that it is here it is taking the shooting industry by storm. Like all other incarnations of the Echo triggers from Fostech, this new AK design has been fully approved by the ATF and is ready for you to install in your AK platform firearm. If you are looking to take your AK-47 rifle or pistol to the next level, then you need to pick up one of these Echo AK-47 triggers and see what all the hype is about! 

Important Note: All Fostech Echo triggers incorporate a patented trigger lock mechanism which prevents the trigger from being pulled unless the round to be fired is seated properly in the chamber. This is important in that it keeps the shooter from potentially outrunning the trigger, thereby preventing potential jams or misfires due to firing out of battery. This patented feature is unique to Fostech and sets their triggers apart in terms of function and reliability. 

The Echo AK Trigger is designed to work with stamped AKs. As a general rule milled AKs should also work as long as you are willing to work with the mode selector plate and the trigger blade in some cases. We have yet to find an AK platform firearm that this trigger won’t fit in. It’s the parts outside of the receiver that generally creates issues. However, due to the inconsistent nature that many AK-style rifles/pistols have been and continue to be produced share, individual results may vary in the ease with which you can install the trigger.


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