Fostech Drone Predator 9mm Custom 3.9″ Carry Handgun


Introducing the Fostech Drone Predator Handgun: Precision Redefined

Elevate your shooting experience with the Fostech Drone Predator, a meticulously crafted handgun designed for optimal performance and adaptability. Its barrel, crafted from durable 416R stainless steel, features a 1:10 twist rate and single-point cut rifling with Killer Innovations’ proprietary “SPT” technology, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. The 11° target crown enhances reliability, while the threaded barrel with 1/2-28 threads offers customization options for accessories.

The Fostech Drone Predator inherits the SIG 320 Compact foundation, utilizing SIG Custom Works fire control units for exceptional trigger control. EGF slide cuts provide an enhanced grip, and the Predator slide’s dual-cut optic pattern allows seamless mounting of RMR or Delta Point Pro optics without a mounting plate. The handgun is complemented by Fostech’s laser-sculpted grip modules, offering increased grip area and custom grayscaling. With attention to detail and cutting-edge technology, the Fostech Drone Predator delivers accuracy, reliability, and an unmatched shooting experience.

Key Features:

  • Gold Barrel
  • Black Grayguns/Fostech Grip Module
  • Tungsten Slide
  • Gold Sig Custom Shop FCU
  • Durable 416R stainless steel barrel with 1:10 twist rate and SPT technology.
  • 11° target crown for enhanced accuracy.
  • Threaded barrel with 1/2-28 threads for accessory compatibility.
  • EGF slide cuts for improved grip.
  • Night Fision Tritium optic height night sights.
  • Dual cut optic pattern on the Predator slide for RMR or Delta Point Pro optics.
  • Utilizes SIG Custom Works fire control units.
  • Laser-sculpted grip modules with increased grip area and custom grayscaling.

Elevate your shooting with the Fostech Drone Predator—a blend of precision and innovation.

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Fostech Drone Predator Handgun: Precision Redefined

Discover a new realm of firearm excellence with the Fostech Drone Predator handgun. Meticulously crafted for optimal performance and adaptability, this handgun showcases innovative features that set it apart from the rest.

Key Features:

Barrel Technology:

  • Material: Crafted from robust 416R stainless steel for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Twist Rate: The 1:10 twist rate ensures optimal bullet stabilization, significantly enhancing accuracy and overall performance.
  • Rifling Technology: Single-point cut rifling, incorporating Killer Innovations’ proprietary “SPT” (Single Point Cut Rifling) technology, guarantees precision and consistency shot after shot.
  • Crown Design: The precision-crafted 11° target crown elevates accuracy, establishing this handgun as the epitome of reliability across various shooting scenarios.
  • Threaded Barrel: Designed with 1/2-28 threads, providing compatibility with a diverse array of muzzle devices and accessories for personalized customization.
  • Thread Protector: Finished with Black Nitride for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. Includes a High-Temp Rubber O-Ring, adding an extra layer of protection and ensuring a secure fit.


  • Chambered in the versatile 9mm Luger, offering compatibility with a broad range of ammunition.

EGF Slide Cuts

  • Our “Enhanced Grip Feature” slide cuts change how you rack your firearm. E.G.F. Cuts provide a positive wall that you can push against when racking your slide instead of relying only on traditional serration cuts. Located at the front and back of our slide, a perfect grip is always there, regardless of your preferred method of racking.

Optic Compatibility and Sights:

  • The Predator slide comes outfitted with Tritium Night Fision optic height night sights.
  • The Predator slide features a dual-cut optic pattern, allowing for mounting either an RMR or Delta Point Pro without the need for a mounting plate.

Fostech Laser-Sculpted Grip Modules:

  • Increased Grip Area:** Grayguns laser-sculpted modules provide 40 percent more stippled grip area, extending both in front of and behind the original factory grip area.
  • Custom Laser Grayscaling:** Each module is individually crafted, undergoing a laser grayscaling process that interacts with polymer variations, resulting in a one-of-a-kind stippling pattern.
  • Cerakote Finish Details:** Cerakote is applied by hand, enhancing aesthetics but may wear with holster use. If defects are noticed, contact us before installation, as used modules are non-refundable.

SIG 320 Compact Foundation:

  • Based on the popular SIG 320 Compact, the Fostech Drone Predator inherits a proven and widely respected foundation for reliability and performance.

SIG Custom Works Fire Control Units:

  • Utilizes SIG Custom Works fire control units for excellent trigger control and function, ensuring a premium shooting experience.

Elevate your shooting experience with the Fostech Drone Predator. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a novice enthusiast, the meticulous attention to detail and integration of cutting-edge technology in this handgun will undeniably set it apart in terms of accuracy, reliability, and overall shooting experience. Stay tuned for updates on the evolution of the Fostech Drone Predator handgun as we continue to push the boundaries of firearm innovation.

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